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Changing Apple Watch Band

How to change an Apple Watch Band

Are you tired of your existing Apple Watch band and wanting to try a new style or colour? Swapping bands on the Apple Watch is super easy, just follow our step-by-step guide on how to change your Apple Watch band. This guide is perfect for those who are new to the Apple Watch, or simply need a refresher on how to change their band. Follow along with our easy-to-follow instructions and you'll be  switching out bands in no time!

Changing Your Apple Watch Band: Step-by-Step Guide from Modbands

Step 1: Remove Your Current Band

To remove your current band, press the small button on the back of your Apple Watch. While holding down the button, slide the band out of the slot to either the right or left. You should hear a click when the band is properly removed.

Step 2: Select Your New Band

Choose your new band from Modbands' wide selection of stylish and high-quality bands. Our bands come in a huge variety of colors, materials and sizes, so you can find the perfect one to match your style and needs.

Step 3: Align Your New Band

Align the new band with the slot on your Apple Watch - the bands slide in from the side. Make sure the band is facing the right way and that the release button is on the underside of the watch (typically this is a small silver part on the band). Slide the band into the slot until you hear a click. Note that if the band is put onto your watch upside down, it will not lock into place. If this happens just slide the band out and flip it over to the correct side.

Step 4: Adjust Your New Band

Adjust your new band to fit your wrist. If your band has a buckle or clasp, adjust it to your desired tightness. If your band is a loop, adjust it by sliding it up or down your wrist.

That's it! Just by following these four simple steps, you can change your Apple Watch band and enjoy a completely new look. At Modbands, we offer a huge selection of high-quality bands that are perfect for every style and need. Shop our store today and give your Apple Watch the upgrade it deserves.

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