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Broken Apple Watch Screen

Do I need a case to protect my Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Protection

We all know the go to take your Apple Watch off your wrist and it slips out of your hand. Your heart sinks as you watch it fall to the floor in slow motion, just hoping that it doesn't smash the screen when it hits the ground.

It doesn't have to be this way - there are many options for protecting your Apple Watch that will help minimise the risk of the dreaded broken screen. With the cost of replacing a broken Apple Watch screen in Australia between $479 and $659 for the new Series 9 model (unless you have Apple Care), we highly recommend having some sort of protection on your watch.

What are the different types of protection available?

There are so many different ways that you can protect your Apple Watch, and it can be quite confusing to know which is the best option. The best option for one person might not be the best option for another person, as each type has pros and cons.

Here we break down the different types to help you determine which one is best for your circumstances.

Apple Watch Bumper Cases

Bumper cases cover the bezel (the metal edges) of an Apple watch, however don't directly provide any cover over the screen area. Typically, the edges of the bumper case will be raised higher than the screen, so they will still provide a level of protection to your watch face if the watch is dropped on a flat surface, or if you happen to scrape your watch against a flat surface while wearing it.

Pros: good bezel protection; no loss of touch screen sensitivity; some screen protection; good for people that exercise or swim, as no water can get between the screen face and the case

Cons: doesn't cover the glass watch face, so screen is exposed to potential breakages if hit directly; will not stop scratching of the watch screen if something sharp comes into contact with the screen

Modbands has three different types of bumper cases available - our Silicone Bumper Case, the OtterBox Watch Bumper, and the OtterBox Exo Edge Bumper.

Apple Watch Clip On Full Screen Cases

Clip on full screen cases add an extra dimension to protecting your Apple Watch by not only covering the bezel, but also covering the face of your device. Whilst they do cover the screen, they still allow full access to the touch screen capabilities of your watch.

These cases clip on to your watch, and can be easily put on and removed from your Apple Watch as necessary - even while you are wearing your watch!

Pros: good bezel protection; good screen protection; easy to put on your watch; easy to remove from your watch; thinest and least obtrusive form of watch protection

Cons: water can get between the protector and the watch screen, which will impact touch screen sensitivity; tempered glass clip on cases can still crack if hit by an object (however replaceing one of these is significantly cheaper than replacing the screen of your Apple Watch!); possibly a very slight reduction in touch screen sensitivity

Modbands has a Tempered Glass Clip On Screen Protector available

Apple Watch Semi Permanent Full Screen Cases

Semi permanent full screen cases offer similar protection to the clip on cases (both screen and bezel), however they are not designed to be put on and taken off your watch regularly. They are made of soft silicone, and wrap around your watch to form an exceptional layer of protection.

Pros: excellent bezel protection; excellent screen protection; made of silicone, so will not break

Cons: water can get between the protector and the watch screen, which will impact touch screen sensitivity; can be harder to install on your watch than a clip on case; slightly thicker, so may be too bulky for some people; possibly a very slight reduction in touch screen sensitivity; need to remove your Apple Watch band to install

Modbands has a Transparent Protective Case available.

Apple Watch Screen Protection Film

This is a protective film that purely covers the screen of your Apple Watch, and offers no protection for the bezel. 

Pros: good screen protection; almost invisible when installed correctly; 

Cons: no bezel protection; needs to be installed correctly, or bubbles may appear; if removed from the watch, it can't easily be reinstalled

Modbands has a 3D Nanoflex Screen Protector available which is made of a thin flexible glass, rather than a plastic covering that some cheaper screen films are made from.

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